Finding the best car hire in Geneva

Geneva is a place where one gets to see beautiful scenery, modern conventions, unique architecture, cultural shows and educational exhibitions.  The best way to get around in Geneva is with a car and if you cannot bring your own car, you can always for car hire in Geneva.

General Guidelines

Geneva is a sophisticated place and people who come here expecting only the very best.  Most of the visitors come here on business and so require standard car rental services and rates. The tourists also find it more comfortable to tour the place with a rental car and if you are planning on another visit, then stick with the one that you have.  This saves the trouble of finding another one which will suit your requirements and you will get loyalty points as well.

Finding a Suitable Car Rental Service

woman receiving car key from manGenerally a car rental in Geneva will cost around 23 euros per day and it will get cheaper if you are hiring for a longer time. You can pick up the car of your choice from trusted companies which have concession stands within the premises of the airport itself.

Europcar has an outlet in Geneva Airport and so there is no need for you to have the car delivered to you.  You can pick up your favorite car right from the airport and drive to your destination without much ado. You can also save around 25% of the total cost when you book online and pay ahead of time.

As it is prudent to hire a car from the premises of the airport itself, you can contact Avis which also has a concession stand in the airport.  While booking, ask for Avis GPS which will help you navigate without a problem in and around Geneva.

Another good company which will not let you down is Budget which also gives 25% when you book and pay online.  You can also opt for hourly car drive services whenever you need and save even more.  You will also earn points when you go with Budget as it partners with Miles & More.

Hertz car hire in Geneva also offers good rates and discounts so much so that it will be hard to find a better company.

Leisure Activities around Geneva

Drive down to Palais des Nations, a place where the world met in 1919 for the League of Nations.  It is now a UN center being the second biggest in the world and has many noteworthy art works among which the foremost is ‘Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room’.  For the interested groups, a guided tour is given about the history and workings of the building.

A renowned landmark is the Jet d’Eauof Geneva’s lakefront which hits a height of 140m and people from all over the world flock to see this unique marvel.  The Brunswick monument can also be seen along the shores of the lake and you can also see the Pâquis jetty and lighthouse.

For those who are interested in outdoor activities, Mont Saleve is the answer.  You can go biking in the mountains, rock-climbing, and paragliding.  There are winter activities such as skiing and snowshoeing for the enthusiastic tourist who wishes to make full use of the snow.

Trusted Car Rentals Websites in Geneva – Compare the best rates for you and you can get to choose the best without having to refer to other sites.  Your decision will affect your entire trip and so choose well with the help of such car hire websites.

Of course, you do not have to pick from the first site that gets pulled out by search engines and so you can look up more sites such as as well.  This is also a good site with trusted suppliers and covers over a 150 countries. gives unlimited mileage and Third Party Liability Insurance when you book through them.